Vicious Circle

by Sabateur

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After nearly 10 years of line-up changes and setbacks, Sabateur's debut album "Vicious Circle" is a milestone and an accomplishment for the band. With varying influences from the thrash gods to neoclassical shred virtuosos, "Vicious Circle" delivers 12 tracks of ripping heavy metal loosely based around the history of humanity and its own demise. For fans of Testament, Megadeth, Cacophony, Steve Vai, Mr. Big, Yngvie Malmsteen, etc.


released October 31, 2018

Devon Miller - Guitar/Vocals
Zakk Negrinelli - Drums
Jesse Elkinton - Guitar
Alex Huddleston - Bass

Recorded and engineered by Gabe Johnston at Falcon Studios in Portland, OR

Artwork by Brian Crabaugh


all rights reserved



Sabateur Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: The Clocktower
The lies we tell ourselves are greetings from the Devil
A brittle foundation, its damnation in which we revel
Prisoners of the circle, regardless what we choose
To burn as fuel in the machine is our only use

We'll watch history repeat itself
No one knows but time will tell

Hypnotism by your television screen
The lines we read between, can you tell what they mean?
A beast has risen and hides behind a mask
Seek not the answers but the question to ask

We've seen history repeat itself
And we know that we are out of time

And as the prophets have foretold
Mankind will eat itself for gold

Powerless to undermine the the threat that looms
Behold erected monuments, they'll serve as our tombs
Join me in the circle, we'll see the fall of man
We're now witnesses to a finale so grand

Now as history repeats itself
Just as prophets have foretold
Will mankind undo the circle
Or will the clock tower fall?
Track Name: Can't Kill Crazy
2 am on the wrong side of town
When the crazies come out to play
The moon is full and the air is cold
Can you feel me looking your way?
From across the street I follow close behind
I'm watching your every move
I'm in your head, my dear friend
And there's nothing you can do

Can't escape me, can't erase me, can't get away

In the dead of night, you're in my sight
You can't kill crazy

I've been on your trail on the wrong side of town
And I haven't slept in days
Come with me, we'll set your mind free
It's the time and night to play
Track Name: Tommy Gunn
You won't have to wonder if I set my sight on you
As long as you make me an offer I cannot refuse
But if you ain't got the dough, I just might change my tune
Pleased to meet you, name's Tommy
Mr. Gunn to you

There's a target on your back and your head's we'll worth the price
My trigger finger's anxious, no time to think twice
Tried my hand as a working man but it ain't cut out for me
So I'll spend my time slinging wine
A life of crime, ain't nothing free

Another one checked off my list
Give me the dough, I'm onto the next
They're coming to slap the cuffs on my wrists
But I don't get caught and I never miss
A cold-blooded killer, they know me by name

The bulls are on my ass again, they're chasing the torpedo
Looking to put the pinch on me, I've got somewhere to be though
Got my chopper by my side, my magazines and ride
With a ratta-tat-tat I'll shoot you dead
Pump you full of lead

The boys in blue are getting pissed
I'm the guy at the top.of their list
Meanest son of a gun you ever saw
I'm a hitman, I'm above the law
A cold-blooded killer, they know me by name
Tommy Gunn
Track Name: No Man's Land
Silence broken on the western front, shells rain from above
Trapped between muddy walls, hands frozen to my gun
The sound was deafening, I was taken to the ground
Had no time to catch my breath, in came another round
With trench-soaked boots, the infection takes my legs
My brothers and their rifles scream from overhead
I know I won't make it, my mouth fills with blood
Vision fades, then silence as I'm swallowed in the mud

I am Death, won't you take my hand?
You must know you're in no man's land

Orders have been given to climb the wall
With broken body is this where I fall?
One last shot before I seek the other side
Running through no man's land, a shot between the eyes
Track Name: A Minute to Live
"Arbeit Macht Frei: work sets you free"
That's the lie they've been feeding me
While starving my body and raping my mind
On our corpses, he's planting his seed
Death by firing squad, let the children see
To make an example out of me
Each day, another step towards the end
Will I be next?

I woke once more to the ringing of the bell
We were herded like lambs to the slaughter
The smell was rancid as they bathed me in acid
In the chamber with my wife and daughter

You are all the feast on which I feed
On your corpses, I will plant my seed
To dispose of your disgrace will make room for my master race
What to do with a minute to live?
Track Name: Rats
Do you remember now? I'll tell ya how
You got this far in life
Stepping on goes, stabbing in the back
You'll go so far to twist the knife
You've been digging through the trash
The day you hit the street
Get yourself from place to place by running between my feet

Feed me your lies, I'll cut you right down to size
Word to the wise, plague is how your kind dies

Never fails, riding on the tails
Of everyone you meet
Your last meal could not squeal
It's still hanging from your teeth
Now you remember, I don't have to tell you
What disease you've got
Keep it up, you filthy rat
Can you feel your insides rot?

Spend some time with your own kind

Vermin, swim through piss and shit
Live among the rats
Fuck yourself and fuck your life
You fucked yourself to death congrats
Wallow in the hole you dug
Your life was such a waste
Got you by the tail, you filthy rat
I'm feeding you to the snakes

Crawl to your hole again, with those you call your friends
Your worthless life you'll spend down below
Living in your own waste, I'll bet you love the taste
Now raise your ugly face to spit into
If it's the last thing I do
Track Name: Frostbite
So begins again, the hunt for that rabbit in the snow
Heart pounding with anticipation for that sensation in my nose
The hunger's real, I salivate and lick my lips
I long for the chase, the kill, that mind-numbing bliss

How can I resist?

The hunt is on as I remain unsatisfied
Anxious and hungry with my nostrils open wide
Instinct takes over when I see the rabbit dance
Let me feed again, how long will this one last?

The feeling fades too fast

A desperate hunt again for that rabbit in the snow
Not for the taste, but to stay awake
My senses sharp, the powder blinding white
Final moments writhing in the throes of frostbite

In the the throes of frostbite
Track Name: Black Widow
Black Widow, you got under my skin
Crawled down my neck and sunk your teeth in
You tasted my blood and yet you crave more
But I've none left to bleed for a whore
Eight-legged temptress, you blinded my eyes
Forever ensnared by your string of lies

Black Widow, your venom has taken hold of me
Watching me suffer is the sick thrill that you need
My twisted mistress, I can feel you in my veins
I'm left with scars, my love, that time cannot erase
Among the rest I lay, trapped in your web
Come back again to me and swallow my head

Black Widow, my love, my reason to hate
My bleeding heart is yours to take
You swallowed me whole, yet you hunger for more
Yet I keep coming, coming back for more
Wicked intentions, pseudo affections,
The heart is a deadly weapon
Black Widow
Track Name: The Great Unknown
From mother, I am born into the eye of the storm
Wait for the stars to align
Dear mother, keep me warm, my shield from a life of scorn
I'll surely pay for my crime

I was pushed into this world before the storm could recede
A world so cruel, devoid of life, stained in blood and greed
I never knew, my eyes we're blinded by my youth
Could never comprehend what came to be the truth

I braved the storm but found my back against the wall
Reflection shattered as I watched my heroes fall
All that I knew became a distant memory
Your eyes deceive, they're not to be believed

Caught between heaven, hell, and what my mind could perceive
The stars my path to travel, my destiny to weave
I'll sail the cosmos into the great unknown
On astral wings I'll fly, take my spirit home
Track Name: C-137
From birth to realization, when conscious I become
With manufactured purpose programmed from the time I'm young
Some answers have no questions, all logic nixed
There are inconsistencies, a glitch in the matrix

I've noticed correlations between my mind and world
Often the wires cross, reality will curl
The wrong synapses fire, some moments skip
Until I reach the end and exit into rift

Set your spirit free to planes beyond

None of it was real, a game of life was played
You could almost call it a dream, but now you're awake
Memories return, but are they merely fabrication?
Tug at the threads, is your reality a world of replication?

I refuse to accept, C-137
Track Name: Ensemble of Shadows
Welcome to our masquerade
Our gift to you, we'll serenade you
Let the curtain rise again
The play will soon begin
The characters now take their places
Wearing masks to hide their faces
They move with elegance and grace
As demons deep within

They manifest as contortionist
Conquer your woes to vanquish thy foes
Ensemble of Shadows

The character to which you relate
Personifies your deepest hate
Yourself in such a weakened state
Fuel for self loathing
To the occasion, rise
Never more to shield your eyes
Cut away your cheap disguise
Sheep in wolves' clothing
Your true face is showing

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